How to verify Connecticut Licenses and Businesses

If you have ever received business card or have seen an advertisement with a license number, you can verify the license is valid. It is also possible to look up registered businesses in Connecticut. This information is public and there are Connecticut State websites that make looking up this information easily accessible on the web.

License / Registration Difference

Generally the State requires a license to do work when a special skill is needed to perform the task (such as electrical work or plumbing), or if the work could be hazardous. People get licensed by taking and passing a test. Business registration does not require a test but people will need to provide name, address, phone, and general information about the business.

License Lookup pageThe website to lookup a business license is : There is a menu labled “Online Services” and a link for “Lookup a License”. There are a number of search options, if you have the license number enter it in license number field and click the “Search” button. Once the search is complete, you will get the result, look for the Expiration Date and a Status of Active.

License Active Status

Looking up a registered business (such as a LLC) is performed through a Connecticut site called C.O.N.C.O.R.D. Businesses are registered with the Secretary of the State. The website to look up businesses is : Once there click on “Search Database / Business”. In the Search field you may need to use a wild card character of “*” for some of the name.

Look up a registered businesss

The information obtained from a search is :

  • Business address
  • The names of the principals (president, treasurer, secretary, etc..)
  • Business Status (Active, Dissolved, etc..)
  • Last Filing date


There are public records available on Connecticut websites regarding business licenses and registrations. This post lists licensing lookup and business registration lookup.