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Glass Art by Jerry

Jerry Ward got started in stained glass when he quit smoking cigarettes as a hobby to keep busy and quickly started a passion for glass making . He was soon interested in Flame worked Glass and pursued finding ways to further his knowledge. Jerry took a class with his mentor (Paul […] Read more

The Planted Feather

The Planted Feather is both a small farm and a bakery and offers both baked goods as well as produce, meat and canned products all made with fruits and veggies from local growers. They have hours for farm visits where you can visit the farm in person, check their website for […] Read more

Red beer

I recently went to lunch with some colleagues from the mid-west. They were discussing the restaurant and meal they had the previous night, and noted that when they ordered a red beer, the server did not know what it was. I was also not familiar with red beer, and occasionally ask […] Read more

White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm is located in Southeastern Connecticut. They sell organic produce, poultry, eggs, bread at their farm stand, its also a pleasant area to walk and visit the chickens, baby chicks, turkeys and sheep. The family can enjoy feeding the baby turkeys carrot tops provided by the owner of […] Read more

An afternoon at Essex CT

Essex Connecticut is very picturesque, and is a pleasant walk. There is public parking by the post office, and close by that there is Essex park and a good place for a picnic. Walking east along Main Street towards  the town dock. There are many nice looking homes along Main […] Read more

July 2nd – Independence day?

John Adams believed July 2nd would be celebrated for generations to come (not July 4th). On July 2nd the Continental Congress voted for independence from Great Britain. It was on July 4th the delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson. July 4th has been celebrated as the […] Read more