The Planted Feather

The Planted Feather is both a small farm and a bakery and offers both baked goods as well as produce, meat and canned products all made with fruits and veggies from local growers. They have hours for farm visits where you can visit the farm in person, check their website for times when they have farm visits. The farm is located in Colebrook CT. The planted feather also has an online shop.

The Planted Feather
368 Colebrook River Road
Route 8 North
Colebrook, Connecticut

Phone number: (860) -379-8664

Baked Goods

  • Handmade artisan pies
  • Cakes
  • Pastries
  • Cookies
  • Scones
  • Breads

Meats, Produce, Canned products

  • Home-grown pork raised on-site
  • Farm fresh eggs
  • Produce grown on their farm
  • Sugar-free Hunny Jams
  • Salsa’s
  • Salad Dressings
  • Pickles

Here are some of their offerings

White Gate Farm

White Gate Farm
83 Upper Pattagansett Road
East Lyme, CT 06333
website here

White Gate Farm is located in Southeastern Connecticut. They sell organic produce, poultry, eggs, bread at their farm stand, its also a pleasant area to walk and visit the chickens, baby chicks, turkeys and sheep. The family can enjoy feeding the baby turkeys carrot tops provided by the owner of the farm. It’s a friendly atmosphere. White Gate farm also offers cooking classes, pies, guided tours, organic flowers. See their website more more information.


Chester Farmers Market

Nice weather, music and food at the Chester Farmers Market on Sunday 2016-June-26.

The Chester Farmers Market is a great place to shop, eat and hang out. There are sufficient places to sit and eat and enjoy the music and weather.

  • Lark – Where you find the beauty of handmade gifts, quality accessories and a large dose of whimsy at a reasonable price!
  • Gourm Avian Farm – Mindfully Grown Chicken and Eggs for the appreciation of Real-Fresh-Food.
  • Singer Kayte Devlin – Music and Videos available on her website
  • Howards Bread – Best Bread around!
  • Simons Marketplace – Enjoyed the cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip muffin.

Connecticut Farmers Markets

The prime farmers market season starts June 1st. There are a number of sites that list the farmers markets for the season. Some of the sites I use to find markets are:

American Gothic - Grant Wood

American Gothic – Grant Wood

Given the choice to purchase produce from small local farms rather than from large industrial farms, I always opt for the local farm. For products grown overseas, I consider the time from harvest to market as well as transportation expense to ship the produce from across the world. I believe the locally grown produce has less of an environmental impact since the harvest does not need to be shipped thousands of miles. The food tastes better because there is a shorter window from harvest to market. Supporting local farms also aids in reducing dependencies on our food supply (meaning we are less reliant on distant sources for our food).


Dogs, Peanut butter and Xylitol

pets on couch relaxing

If you own a dog who loves peanut butter you may want to read the label to look for an sugar substitute called Xylitol.


Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is naturally occurring. Xylitol is extracted from either corn cobs or birch bark. The site lists the dental benefits, health and nutritional benefits of using Xylitol.

While xylitol offers many health benefits to humans, it can be deadly to dogs and should not be fed to any pets.

Decide for yourselves on whether Xylitol is a benefit to humans or if you prefer to have more simpler ingredients in food you consume. If you do choose to use a brand with the Xylitol ingredient, do not feed that brand to pets since it can be toxic.


Peanut butter ingredients - Simple, no Xylitol

Peanut butter – simple ingredients