We’re offering website updates

Made in Connecticut now offers a single page website, with your content, your pictures, and installed either on your existing host, or on one of my servers.

What is the advantage of a single page site?

Single page sites are easier to navigate on mobile devices, phones, tablets etc. Often, a site with an older design and multiple pages is difficult to navigate on a phone. Links on older sites can be difficult to find and can be tough to click on with a finger. Contrast this with how you navigate a single page site on your mobile device, scroll up and down the page with a swish of you finger and you can find all you need. It’s easier!

More and more websites are being accessed on mobile devices. Even when at home, rather power up a desktop for a quick search, people reach for their phone. If your site is not mobile friendly, or is difficult to read or navigate, people move on and do not look back.

Evaluate your website

1980's cell phone

A website designed with 1980’s technology may not look quite as cool as it once did

How does your site behave on mobile devices? Is it hard to read? Do you need to scroll to the left and right to read the text?  Try viewing your site on your mobile device, or size your browser window to a smaller size to see how you site reacts. If it is difficult to read and navigate, you need to consider updating it because your potential customers will leave rather quickly.

How to fix your online presence

There are several options to giving your website a face-lift, from a full custom rebuild of your site which can be expensive, moving to one of the newer services for building a site (there might be a learning curve and some hidden costs). Another option is to contract out an IT pro that can provide a modern designed website and install it on any server, it’s not a custom one of kind design so the cost is low, the IT pro handles the graphic resize, and install so there is no learning curve.

I do contract work

If you would like to update your website for a reasonable cost, I do contract work. I can provide a modern site, that is mobile ready, with minimal cost. . I’ll add your graphics, and set the Google Map to your location. If you are interested in a website update, . Cheers! -Steve