USPS – Where did my Regional Rate selections go?

For businesses who use the postal service to ship product to customers, you may have noticed there were some changes including  price increases and the option to print all regional labels is no longer available on the usps website. Regional A and B boxes often offered a better price to ship parcels that were a over a few pounds (but within the 15 or 20 pound weight limit to the regional A or B box. The regional C box is no longer available.


Screen shot of options to purchase regional box postage before the USPS change in January 2016

A few options to ship items since the postal change.

  • Continue to package in Regional boxes and use a third party service provider to print for label such as following.  There is typically a monthly fee to use the service:
  • If you sell products on eBay, Etsy, or another online shop, you may be able to print your label through the online shop system.
  • You could switch to flat-rate or standard priority mail boxes and continue to print postage via

Options at since the Jan 2016 switch.

The postal service offers  a variety of priority packaging for free, you can “purchase” them for $0.00 at

A couple of excerpts from usps notice123, comparing price charts of regional and priority mail:


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